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Jesus Christ. Some say He was just a great teacher or prophet. Others say He was a good man that done good things. Some claim that He was a liar or a lunatic. And down through the ages, millions have worshiped Him as their risen Lord and Savior.

Whatever you think of Him, I'm sure you would agree that He stands alone at the center of human history. The resurrection of Jesus is what separates Christianity from other religions around the world. In fact, the validity of the Bible and Jesus' teachings hinges on this one central fact.

If there was no resurrection, then Jesus was just another man, and we have no real hope after the grave. But if it is true, then Jesus was not a liar, His claims are true, and we must accept Him as Lord, and receive His free gift of mercy and forgiveness.


Who Is Jesus Really?
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Would you like to believe in Jesus Christ and accept Him as your Saviour and Lord now? Please go to Steps to Peace With God and make a commitment today.


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