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"Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path." (Psalm 119:105)

If you have spiritual questions or struggles, turn to God's Word - the Bible for help, for His Word gives us light in darkness and directs us to the path of life.

You are welcome to submit a question using the submission form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

May God's rich blessings be with you everyday!

PreWrath Questions:

I've read Pre-Wrath and believe it but had a few reservations...

To what extent will America be persecuted? Should Christians 'run for the hills' to avoid persecution? ...

Is there any chance that America could be the great city, Babylon? Not the harlot, but the commercial Babylon?

Does the mark of the beast described in Revelation 13:16-18 happen before or after the Rapture?


Sabbath Questions:

Which day should we keep as the Christian Sabbath day?


General Questions:

Can you tell me all about Baptism?
Stephen's Answer: If you have believed in Christ Jesus and accepted Him as your Lord and Saviour, the Scripture says you have been baptized by the Holy Spirit and have passed out of death into eternal life. Baptism through immersion in water is a beautiful reflection of ...

... Is it a sin if I remain unmarried?
Stephen's Answer: No, the Bible doesn't says so. Lord Jesus, who was without sin , was not married; Apostle Paul was also not married in his whole life. Besides these facts, there are passages in the Bible that exclusively address this issue of celibacy and suggest a negative answer to your question ...

Can we live the Christian life just by the guidance of the Holy Spirit but not reading the Bible?
Stephen's Answer: No, we can't. The Holy Spirit convicts us our sins and brings us to Christ. But God's word helps us grow in salvation and defeat Satan's attacks. The Holy Spirit also teaches us, but He does this through God's Holy Word ...

Why do we need to ask God for something if God is a giving God?
Stephen's Answer: Surely God our heavenly father loves us and cares for us. He gave us air, sunshine, rain, ..., without which we can not live, although we did not ask for them. But in many other areas, especially in our personal lives, God wants us to ask Him ...

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