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A Basic Christianity Discussion Online Forum
Living On the Word Devotional Blog

PreWrath Chinese Portal officially launched!
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 Bible Study: Does the New Testament Teach Us to Obey God’s Commandments and Laws given in the Old Testament?
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View Q&As about God's Holy Law and Sabbath

End-Time Seminars
 HFC End-Time Seminars

The Lord is coming back! The "When" is the PROBLEM! Our seminar tries to resolve the Rapture riddle from a Prewrath perspective based on the teachings of the Scriptures. We are able to present this seminar "Resolving the Rapture Riddle" in English or Chinese.

Heart For Christ Home Fellowship

 HFC Home Fellowship (HCHF)
HCHF welcomes you! We are a family of Chinese believers of Jesus Christ that have the same desire to fellowship and grow together in the Christian faith. We currently have two adult groups at the K-W and Great Toronto Area. Know more ...

Heart For Christ Bible Studies

 HFC Bible Studies

Here you will find helpful Bible study guides on Biblical issues grouped into three categories: Understanding the Bible, Christian Living and End-Time Prophecies. You can also get some good 1-Year Bible Reading Plans and participate the weekly Bible Challenge test.

Heart For Christ Online Bookstore
  HFC Online Bookstore (HCOB)
NEW! HCOB has partnered with Christian Book Network to provide you with large supplies of low price Christian books, Bibles, music, videos, DVDs, gifts, software and more. Please take a tour of our store, your one-stop Christian shopping center ...

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