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Heart For Christ Home Fellowship (HCHF) is a family of Chinese believers of Jesus Christ that have the same desire to fellowship and grow together in the Christian faith.


We are:

A group of PEPLE, who commit our lives to Jesus Christ and to one another;

A spot of PLACE, where we seek to know Christ more and grow in Christ;

A set of PLANT, where we equip ourselves to be effective witnesses for Christ in the world;

An effort of PRACTICE, striving to demonstrate our love for Christ and others in actions.

Our Services inculde:

BIBLE studies/discussions: meeting your spiritual needs;

WORSHIP in singing: turning wanderers to worshippers;

Conversational PRAYER: experiencing the presence of God;

Personal SHARING: moving from meetings to moments;

SOCIALIZING events: be relaxed and just for fun.

Our Values are:

PRIORITY: While we are in the group, we will give the group meetings priority, and if we are unable to attend or are running late, we will call ahead.

PARTICIPATION: Everyone is given the right to their own opinion, and every question is respected.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Anything of a personal nature that is said in the meeting is never repeated outside of the meeting.

OPEN CHAIR: The group stays open to new people as long as they understand the ground rules.

GROUP BIRTHING: After the appropriate time, our group will help start other groups.

APPRENTICE LEADERS: We will strive to identify and develop the apprentices in our group.


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