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Our ministries need your supports! You could help advance our ministries through your faithful prayers, financial supports, and participation. Please read through the following instructions about the three ways to support our ministries:

• Support our ministries through your PRAYERS:

Please remember us in your prayers. You could pray that:
- God would indeed bless our ministries and everyone involved with our ministries;
- God would give us wisdom and a depending heart to do ministries in His way and for His glory;
- God would give us strength and courage to proceed and accomplish the tasks that He has assigned to us;
- God would especially strengthen our leaders in faith, keep them far away from temptations, and deliver them from the evil one.
- and any other things in your hearts.

• Support our ministries FINANCIALLY:

You may consider donate to us through PayPal or purchase Christian products at our Online Bookstore.

Your financial support will help cover our website administration and hosting cost and contribute to our outreach fund, which will be completely used in reaching the local Chinese community with the good news and love of Jesus Christ. Click here to shop at our Online Bookstore today!

• Support our ministries through your PARTICIPATION:

You are very welcome to participate in our various programs and online ministries, such as our Web Community and ABCD Online Forum. Feel free to register and share with us.

Thank you for your supports! May God richly bless you!



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